Game 7

I am a huge LeBron fan. Since he was drafted in 2003, I knew he would be my favorite player of all time, more so than MJ and AI aka the reasons I LOVE the game. Learning about LeBron’s past, I knew he was going to do big things. I purchased his first pair of sneakers that rolled out and almost every pair after for about a four year period. (Then I had a girly streak which my momma was really happy about!)

Tonight means everything to me. Game 7. One of the most amazing games of any series for any sport. Now put two of the best teams together (even though I never saw the Pacers as a threat in the beginning of the season) and you have one heck of a game. This series has been amazing to watch. Back and forth, high intensity, and aggressive. Now I just need my boys to bring this one home for me.

But after Saturday’s game, this doesn’t seem all that easy. The whole team needs to step up. Not a starter, Anderson brings a certain grit to the game that I believe fires up the rest of the team. He was absent on Saturday, which I think frankly was bullshit. We definitely lacked that push that Anderson provides. We saw it in Miller when he game in and made two consecutive threes. When others start performing, it makes it easier for LeBron to shine. With a little less pressure he can do it all. When he is the only one doing it all the pressure rises and his performance weakens.

Also, Wade and Bosh. 2/3 of the big three. You didn’t get that nickname by being lackluster. Tonight is the night to play your hearts out. Rest tomorrow. Tonight the world is watching you. Forget LeBron. The world is watching to see if you two deserve the nickname. And let me tell you, YOU DO! Show us the Heat team that I love. Show me the team that I defend in the middle of bars against men who are twice my size!

Tonight’s the night! Lets Go HEAT!!!


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